Stakeholder Training

Under SabahRE2, training has been provided by Green Empowerment, TONIBUNG and guests to build the depth of understanding necessary to plan, build, and manage a renewable mini-grid approach to rural electrification.  This has begun with developing an introduction to the mini-grid concept, which can be watched in this short video.

High-level workshops have enabled government partners and stakeholders to understand the technical and institutional issues around the role of mini-grids in rural electrification an for enabling the broader renewable energy transition in Sabah.  Key training materials on how mini-grids are relevant to Sabah and on mini-grid policy & financing are available under this Tab.

Courses have also been provided by TONIBUNG to refresh and upgrade the skills of existing mini-grid operators from remote villages and a new generation of village solar technicians.  Such opportunities also provide opportunities for them to share their experiences, and build relationships towards a network that harnesses the spirit of collaboration for sustaining co-learning among operators.


RE Stakeholder Training What are mini grids?

This 20-minute video from a SabahRE2 Training Course provides an overview of the mini-grid concept and its relevance in Sabah.  

watch video


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