Project Profile Portfolio

Of the 400 villages (kampung) in Sabah without access to grid electricity, we have documented some 206 in a Project Portfolio, summarised here, where we believe mini-grids provide the most feasible solution for electricity access.  This SABAHRE2 Presentation from PACOS provides details on the assessment methodology and criteria for selection of the 206 villages.

Under SabahRE2 a PACOS team of 60 researchers, community organizers and field assistants were trained and deployed across Sabah to work with these communities to understand their needs and aspirations through deploying questionnaires with village leaders and Focus Group Discussions with youth, women and men.  The data were then assembled using KoBoCollect ( such that it would upload in the presence of a cell signal.  A video illuminating this process was made of PACOS in the field in Pitas.

The Project Portfolio has provided invaluable insights on Sabah’s un-electrified communities that have deeply shaped the SabahRE2 Roadmap.  It has also provided the community data needed to calculate current and future energy demand, anchor client and enterprise opportunities, and community organisation and readiness for the Feasibility Studies.  


Project profile portfolio, Assessment Methodology

Project Profile Portfolio of 206 Villages

Project Profile Portfolio of 206 Villages Heat Map