The Sabah Renewable Energy Rural Electrification Roadmap lives in this interactive website – rather than on the proverbial dusty shelf – in order to make publicly available the data, strategies and stories that can advance energy access for all, a low-carbon circular economy and climate resilience.

Video Stories include this is a one-minute introduction to the SabahRE2 process and another that showcases the perspective of our Sabah Government agency partners.  

Meanwhile the “Power to the People” video stories share the experiences of rural communities in the struggle for power across our state.  The first of these connects the hopes of communities and TONIBUNG’s mini-grid engineers in the field in Nabawan District; the second describes how PACOS Trust gathers information on community needs, interest and capacity in Pitas, the third how TONIBUNG works with communities to assess the renewable energy potential of their rivers in Ranau; while in the fourth a community filmmaker recounts indigenous ingenuity in meeting the need for light in Banggi Island off northern Sabah.  The last in the series is a community video that will describe how electrification could transform a fishing community in the mangrove delta of the Segama River.  

Press coverage includes news of Launch of UK PACT in Malaysia - Link to our Launch Press Release, and the goals of the Roadmap project and its connections with the upcoming Glasgow Climate Change COP; the welcoming of the Prime Minister’s invitation for civil society to have a role in RMK-12 and tackling climate change; the featuring of SabahRE2 at the Glasgow COP; remote renewable energy villages as models for low carbon economies; and the release of the Toolkits for renewable energy planning and implementation.  

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Sabah RE2: Power to the People Series - Part 1

The Sabah Renewable Energy Rural Electrification Roadmap navigates towards a future of energy equity, right livelihoods, and wellbeing for Sabahans.

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Sabah RE2: Power to the People Series - Part 3

In the third episode of Power to the People, we take you to the interior regions of Ranau to meet back up with the TONIBUNG team as they continue to conduct feasibility studies across Sabah.

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Sabah RE2: Power to the People Series - Part 2

In this episode of Power to the People, follow our Consortium partner, PACOS Trust who has been conducting focus group discussions with the men, women, and youth of remote areas throughout Sabah.

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Sabah RE2: Power to the People Series - part 5

In the fifth episode of Power to the People, travel along the easternmost regions of Sabah to Kampung Dagat, a remote village located within the Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands, Malaysia's largest Ramsar site and a vast mangrove of global importance. The people of Dagat sustain themselves largely on artisanal fisheries, a practice that has been passed down through generations.

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Sabah RE2: Power to the People Series - part 4

In the fourth episode of Power to the People, join us as we make our way to the northern coast of Sabah to visit the largest island in Malaysia, Pulau Banggi. Here, electricity is scarce and expensive, with residents relying on indigenous ingenuity to address their energy issues

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Sabah RE2: Power to the People Series - part 6

In the sixth episode of Power to the People, we travel through dirt roads, with our Government Partners and UK PACT representative Khairun Nisa Zabidi, to Kampung Buayan.Residing in the Ulu Papar region, the Buayan community is far from the state grid and has been powered by micro-hydro systems for more than a decade now.  Buayan exemplifies how rural communities in Sabah’s interior regions can empower themselves and self-sustain through the use of community-managed renewable energy mini-grids, building a model that may one day be replicated throughout the state.

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Community Stories


KAMPUNG DAGAT: Renewable Energy for Remote fishing communities.

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